Beyond Words

Books Beyond Words tell stories in pictures to help people with learning and communication difficulties explore and understand their own experiences.

Books Beyond Words help people learn about life and how to cope with life’s bigger challenges, such as love and relationships, health, death and crime. For details of all the topics currently available click here.

Books Beyond Words also provide a written storyline, guidelines and resources for supporters and professionals on the topic of each book. For an example of the supporting text see these extracts from Mugged.

Books Beyond Words illustrate best practice, helping professionals to understand and assess different situations by providing them with educational and counselling tools.

To understand more about why BBW uses pictures listen to Sheila Hollins, the series editor, by clicking here or read the Background to the Series.

Non-readers need a friend or supporter, perhaps someone like you, to introduce them to this world of pictorial stories. Click here to find out how to use Books Beyond Words.

To learn more about how you can help someone with learning and communication difficulties to use Books Beyond Words click here to watch Charlie introducing Going into Hospital to Gary who has a learning disability.

‘This series has established the highest reputation for tackling complex and difficult issues, clearly, compassionately and with considerable skill.’ – Viewpoint (Mencap).

These books are powerful interpretive tools for anyone who works with people with  developmental disabilities.’ – Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology.